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"Beast" of BBQ in Anaheim

by Demo Directory on 07/06/2011 - 12:15 am
Category: BBQ

There are plenty of restaurants serving up barbecue in Orange County, but only one place is dishing out a BBQ sandwich so big it’s aptly named “The Beast.” Anaheim’s own Blake’s Place has created a gastronomic monster of a sandwich weighing in at over two and a half pounds. The ginormous, toasted homemade bun is piled high with smoked pulled pork, pulled BBQ chicken, chopped beef brisket, cole slaw, pickles, sliced red onion and Blake’s very own BBQ sauce. 
It’s a massive but delicious compilation of BBQ goodness, but if you want good BBQ and your appetite hasn’t quite hit the level of conquering “The Beast”, the menu ...

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Fried Foods and Rattlesnake Sausage

by Demo Directory on 07/01/2011 - 07:13 am
Category: Unique Foods

Hidden amidst the flurry of downtown Fullerton hot spots and not spots is a small but amazing little restaurant/pub dishing out some unique and tasty casual fare.  Unlike the status quo tavern menus of burgers and fries (they do have some pretty good sweet potato fries though), Joe’s pushes the limits of culinary creativity by offering an amazing array of sausages, fried stuff, and sandwiches.
Fried appetizer offerings vary from Kermit’s Legs to a large sampler platter of fried pickles, pepperoni chips, and cheese aptly and fondly referred to as “fried junk”.
Entrees range from a gigantic turkey leg rivaling any county fair food, some healthier shrimp kebobs, a ...

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