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Top 5 Fry Finds in OC

by Demo Directory on 02/26/2011 - 05:24 am

Category: Fries


The debate over the best fries usually involves the cut of the potato and how (or in what) the spud is fried.  While that’s an apparent argument for the potato purist, there is a trend toward gastronomic madness that is elevating the fry far beyond the companion to ketchup or the occasional ranch dressing.  I’m talking about piling flavors of goodness upon the fries and catapulting them from a mere side dish to a belly busting indulgence.  Our current top five OC fry finds are # 5 Alerto’s in Westminster is home to the Carne Asada fries.  Crispy American fries are topped with carne asada, jalepenos, pico de gallo, beans, sour cream and cheese for a south of the border feast.  #4 Peter’s Gourmade in Tustin has gone Mediterranean with their Greek fries- shoestring potatoes tossed with oregano and feta cheese, and topped with fresh tomatoes, gyro meat and cucumber sauce. Peter’s Gourmade is also responsible for the # 3 fry with their over the top SweetPotato Gooey’s - sweet potato fries with brown sugar and maple syrup topped with toasted marshmallow. # 2 The classic Chili cheese fries dished out at Imperial Burgers in La Habra. This little fast food joint serves up crinkle cut  fries smothered in piping hot chili and then topped with a mound of freshly grated cheddar.  #1 on our  fry feast are the Carnivore Fries from the OCFoodTruck (catch them on twitter to find out where to find the truck). Their freshly made fries are topped with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, corned beef, New York pastrami and smothered in a semi-spicy sriracha garlic mayo.  

Imperial Burgers 241 East Imperial Highway in La Habra, Peter’s Gourmade 51 McFadden Ave in Tustin, Alerto’s 15681 Brookhurst St in Westminster, OCFoodTruck twitter/theOCFoodTruck