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OC Broker Helps Homeowners


Published: 06/20/2011


 Orange County home values are still way off of the highs of 2004-06, but the demand to purchase homes- especially entry level homes still remains high. Homeowners that currently owe more on their mortgage(s) than the current property value have several options other than a forced foreclosure. Dawn Anderson of Midas Realty Group is a Broker specializing in assisting homeowners explore their options.  According to recent numbers, nearly 70% of foreclosures occur merely because homeowners fail to communicate with their lender(s).  Midas Realty Group is making an effort to reach homeowners in distress to at least attempt to communicate with them and to let them know they do have options.  For additional information, visit their website at www.MidasRealtyGroup.com or call 800-546-2289. Midas Realty Group is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate # 01479310