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Green Tea- A Cupful of Benefits


Published: 06/26/2011


Green tea has been globally accepted as a beneficial drink and a lot of researches have been conducted to conclude this. The Chinese people have been drinking this tea for several hundresd years because of its miraculous benefits. Below mentioned are some of the significant benefits and you will come to know about why people drink green tea:

Weight loss

One of the most significant benefits is weight loss. It helps oxidize fats and encourage thermogensis which is the rate by which the human body is capable of burning calories. The green tea increases the metabolism which helps in losing the weight. If it is taken in the morning; it will reduce more weigh than other drinks such as normal tea or coffee.

Prevention of Cancer

Green tea has antioxidants which free radicals which is responsible for plaguing the body. These free radicals may also cause aging and cancer. The polyphenols present in the green tea search for free radicals and help reducing the formation of unstable oxygen molecules. This process is also known as oxidation. It damages healthy cells and result in illness such as heart disease, strokes and cancer. It can also prevent the birth of abnormal cells and help destroy cancer causing agents. 

Healthy Teeth

Green tea has fluoride which is helpful in making the teeth healthier than ever before. This substance is able to kill the bacteria that cause plague in the mouth. It prevents tooth decay in the mouth and you will have fresh breath. The oral health can be improved with the help of green tea. This drink is better than coffee that causes stains on the teeth.

Lower cholestrol

It has also been noticed that green tea lowers the level of bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol. With lower cholesterol, the person can have reduced chances of having heart strokes and attacks.